General questions
HYIP stands for high‭ ‬yield investment program,‭ ‬The investor get the interest for their invested amount,‭ ‬Every profit is based on the selection of plan
Yes,‭ In o‬ur demo page by giving the request, you can receive the demo on your mail.‭ There you can see our admin area and member area features and function we have in our script.n
Our software tested with all major modern browsers.
You have to contact our sales team by mail they will get your requirement and quote price accordingly.
Template integration means - Integrating the PHP file with the HTML Template files
That is a hard question, especially since some of the programs go out of business very quickly. The internet period has resulted in an explosion of hyip. So many new hyip programs are being launched every day.
Yes sure, you can see our script demo directly by submitting the details that gives in the demo page. You can see the member and admin area of our script.
Template is a sample pre-defined design structure. It is a tool for impose a standard layout look and feel across multiple pages or within content regions.
Here are many electronic payment systems available in the Internet. Some of them are unidentified and some require partial identification. It is also possible through bank or other cards, if the admin will provide that. Frequently used payment systems for investing are Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bitcoin.
Make sure you have understood the product you want to buy in products page and then open order page. Choose the product which you want to buy, then complete the order form and do the payment. You can get the product which you order by email..

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